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Release: 2.1.2

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Since September 1996 references
last update: 18 Oct 1998

What is it

MGUI (MORELLO Graphic User Interface) is a cross-platform graphical user interface written in ANSI C, also providing a C++ API via a frame library. It consists of a library, including all typical GUI objects as menu, push buttons, editable fields, lists etc... and a code generation tool (MGUI Designer), which allows the user to create and maintain application window layout using the mouse.
For its features, MGUI is useful to everyone who wants to realize multi platform applications, with absolutely no GUI porting needs.
MGUI makes it possible to create applications for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 Unix X-Window, DOS BGI or DJGPP with no knowledge about host system API. You can simply use MGUI Designer code generator to create window layouts, and write your code to interact with the created Objects.
The de-coupling of the application code and the host system API is particularly useful when compiling for Win32 target (Windows 95 or Windows NT). In fact, the building process for the test program 'mguitest' (which uses all library Objects) is faster than for the 'whello' example (Borland C++ 4.5).

Main features

What's new in this release

Supported Platforms

Currently available in the following programming environments:

GNU C under DOS 32 bit (DJ Delorie)

GNU C under Win32 (by R. Schnither)

GNU C under Linux X11 & svgalib/ GRX

Borland C++ DOS BGI, Windows 3.1 and Win32

Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Win32

Watcom DOS/4GW, Windows 3.1 and Win32

In addition, MGUI has been successfully compiled and tested in the following environments: Moreover, it can be easily compiled in any Unix/X-Window environments as SUN Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, etc...


Application builder.

Demo Applications

From this page it's possible to download MGUI library, including MGUI Designer, documentation, examples and MEdit source code.
In addition MGUI can be found on many alternative ftp sites:

MGUI is not an utility nor a single program, rather it's a development tool that permits the creation of cross-platform applications.
This version is FreeWare/ShareWare.

FreeWare because you can use it without time limitation and lets you create FreeWare applications, with no fee to the author (donations are always welcome).
However, any program using a FreeWare version of MGUI cannot be used for commercial or business purposes.

ShareWare because you can register your copy to make commercial use of any program created with MGUI.

Commercial products offering similar features, with a better documentation, normally cost several thousand dollars. You can recover the registration fee by selling a single copy of a very little commercial program.

MGUI has been designed and developed entirely by:
Vincenzo Morello, born in 16 Apr 1962 in Licata (Italy),
graduated in Electronic Engineering.

Many thanks to: VOLftp which has made it possible to show these pages.

At last, everyone who will signal bugs, suggestions or any feedback.